Letters to the Editor Dec. 12


I disagree with your editorial, Dec. 10, intimating that term limits should not apply to our local politicians.

I am thrilled that we have term limits for our elected representatives.

In my opinion, most voters are not knowledgeable enough to make an educated choice about local politicians.

Most of us have no idea what local politicians stand for, even if they told the truth, and most voters have never heard of most of them unless they are involved themselves in local government.

That is much different than the national politicians who browbeat us for one to two years before the election. In my opinion, no one is irreplaceable.

Old politicians will be replaced with new politicians who will do as good or better job for the voters.

Being able to get rid of any politician after 12 years is a good thing because politicians of all stripes normally get re-elected forever unless there is a scandal that is so horrific that it makes the news and someone is informed enough or cares enough to vote them out.

Last but not least, certain local politicians can be just plain nasty in their dealings with the public, dogmatic, and do what they personally want, regardless of what the majority of voters want.

I won't even talk about under the table dealings that may or may not be going on. Goodbye old politicians and welcome to new politicians.

Jim Joseph



Prior to receiving an approval appealing the planning commission's decision, the Valley Christian Fellowship Church began advertising their new permanent location off of Centerville and Drayton. I went to their hearing before county commissioners wondering if the church knew something I and my neighbors didn't " that they already had the approval they sought " they just needed to go through the process. I wondered again as I observed Mr. Kite's body language, as I watched, on two different occasions, commissioners leaving the hearing as opponents to the project spoke. There was no request for a recess, they just walked away. It came as no surprise, but was disappointing, when those same people voted.

The church succeeded in convincing the board this was a referendum about allowing churches to be built in a residential community " despite repeated statements disputing that belief. What was being protested was the size of the project and its impact. The neighbors couldn't believe a 30,000 square foot project with only 5,000 square feet dedicated to a worship area could be considered to be anything but a community center.

The presentation by the neighborhood was respectful and to the point. With over 4 acres to choose from, the church is planning to place its buildings on the narrowest part of the parcel with the closest proximity to existing homes. These towering buildings have been positioned to have the most possible negative impact on those residents. I'm sure that was not the intent, but there can be no question of its impact. The neighbors spoke of concerns of lighting and concerns of traffic.

The church spoke of their positive contributions to the community, to having obeyed the letter of the law. They spoke of this location being their miracle.

The project had already been denied by the planning commission. Without compromise, cooperation or addressing the concerns of the residents, Valley Christian Fellowship Church asked for a repeal of that decision. Without compromise, cooperation, or addressing the concerns of the local residents commissioners approved the church's project. I can't speak for my neighbors, but I left the meeting feeling discounted and invisible. Other than taking up hours of the commissioners' time, we failed to have any viable impact.

The commissioners had an opportunity to call for compromise, to effect healing between two parties who need to be able to work and live in harmony. They had an opportunity to arbitrate a win-win solution. That didn't happen.

To Valley Christian Fellowship Church I say, the means by which a thing is accomplished matters. They are the very qualities of the goal you're trying to realize. You've won, but at what cost? I have no doubt this location was the miracle you prayed for. You obeyed the letter of the law. You have the right to build your church on this location. Beyond the letter of the law and the rights you hold are the energies of respect, cooperation and compromise. I saw no evidence of that in your dealing with your neighbors. Instead, in the wake of your project comes the energy of distrust, anger and resentment. Is that what you wanted? And are you willing to take responsibility for that impact?

Joan Costa



So here we are, in the recession that our fine and caring government has finally acknowledged, and the American people are wondering "what next?" The financial and banking industries have received a $700 billion bailout so that they can continue business as usual with their golden parachute packages and million dollar junkets. The auto industry is about to receive their $15-25 billion bailout while flying in their corporate jets with their hats in their hands (does anybody truly believe that they drove themselves 11 hours in regular cars for the second begging?). Behind them, there is probably a corporate handout line that stretches for miles. And throughout all of this, where is the common working man that lives check to check? If I am any example, he or she has been laid off with no hope of returning to their job, wondering how the maximum in unemployment is supposed to cover monthly bills, knowing that there isn't any $15 per hour jobs to be had, and seeing themselves without a roof over their head by February.

Thankfully, I own my 1997 pickup with 170,000 miles and only have two bills that I will continue paying, but I believe I am the exception.

Where is the bailout for the people? If we are to become a socialist country, then help the common man, not the CEO's with their golden faucets and their imported Italian marble floors. Personally, I want to work and take care of my family, not have the government do it. Maybe if the lawmakers who keep giving away the multi-billions of dollars were to walk in their constituents shoes for awhile, they would give a little more thought to who they were giving those multi-billions to.

Chris Weatherbee



In what a wonderful community we all live; even during trying times for everyone, we still manage to pull together and help others that are in need.

The organizers of the "We Believe - Joey Jacobsen - Poker Run" would like to thank all of those who generously gave their time, donations, and sponsorships to this wonderful event. There was an amazing turnout and everyone who opened their hearts for this family is appreciated.

We would love to be able to list everyone by name; but this list is amazing and not wanting to leave anyone out, you know who you are, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Please do not stop "Believing." We aren't. Joey is an amazing young man and with our continued support and prayers he will continue his journey of recovery.

Greg "Smiley" Cazier and Tim Miller



On behalf of the Peneueta and Jacobs family please accept our sincere and very heartfelt thank-you to all the businesses and the community for participating and attending the spaghetti feed for Heath on Nov. 18. It was a great success. Thanks to all who were there, it couldn't have been a bigger success.

We would also like to thank all the businesses that donated: Lori Baxter's Indigo Restaurant, Jodi and the entire Wass Family, Cafe Girasole, Tranquil Touch, A Wildflower, Valley Golf Shop, Shannon Hickey & Heritage Tours, Dan Hickey Construction, Alicia Main, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Genoa Lakes Golf Course, Arbonne - Deana Reagan, Wasabi's, Carson Valley Veterinary Hospital, Bodies in Balance, Exquisite Massage, Leslie's Hair Salon, Hollywood Hair & Beauty Supply, Jen's Optical, Russell's Mercantile, J.T. Basque Bar & Dining Room, Pamper You, Lake Tahoe Adventure Tours, Shawn Dawley of Houligans Tattoo Shop, Barone & Reed Food Company, El Charro Avitia Mexican Restaurant, Bodine's Casino, Accolades Trophies, Ala Carte Nails, The Taildragger Restaurant, Karen Brockhage (Arbonne products basket), Laser Center Home and Office Supply, Copies Plus (tickets and flyers), Mary Brady - Euro facial and products, Classical Glass, Fred and Linda Wirth (multiple silent auction items), Alicia Clark - Pampered Chef, Scolari's, Artisan Art Gallery, Two Guys From Italy Restaurant, Sierra Steam, B, Gary and Linda Leiss, Al Wagner, Bobby and Rachel Haight, Myrna Morris (homemade quilt), Miss Sue's Daycare, Patty Clark - Century 21, Jerry Bing Materials, Cole Smith and Toni York, Karen Teveer (personal trainer and great friend from World Gym), Gloria and Gordon Duncan, Don Schmidlin, Coco McCue, Luis Richy. Thanks to Lori Baxter's staff who volunteered their time - they all worked so very hard; Jessica Ali and Max and company for selling tons of raffle tickets! For keeping everybody fed so well, thanks to Danny Villalobos, Dennis McDuffee, Billy Nickerson, Sal Messina and Don Schmidlin.

If we have left anyone out, hopefully we haven't but just in case, much love and again thanks from the very bottom of our hearts. Thanks to everyone for all of your love and support you have given me and my son Heath and the rest of our family.

Loni and Heath Peneueta and family



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