Letters to the Editor Dec. 5


I agree with Stephanie Carney "Another Slap On Wrist For Killen."

Scott Killen grew up in the Ranchos. We were only in our home a week when he paid a visit to our house.

My son had to chase him away as Scott was cursing my little daughters as they were playing innocently in our back yard.

Scott was maybe 6 years old, but could swear like a sailor. He was a bad seed.

No one wanted their children playing with him. His behavior worsened as he got older as you are well aware of.

According to his age he is an adult but his actions are that of a juvenile delinquent.

There is no telling what his next criminal act will be but I have an idea.

He has a lot of restitution to pay and with the job market like it is, he will have a hard time paying it.

No doubt he will begin stealing. So beware Douglas County and Carson City.

Linda Miller



So many people worked with me to get our message of "Change One Step at a Time" out into the community. Walking door to door, hosting house parties, stuffing mailers, folding flyers, placing my signs on your property, making phone calls and being my advocate when I was not there made all the difference and I thank you. Thanks to the unions, and community organizations who endorsed me. And thanks to the Nevada Democratic Assembly Caucus, Douglas County Democratic Women, Douglas County Central Committee and the Obama Campaign who supported my candidacy.

When I decided to stand up and be counted by being a candidate for Assembly District 39 it was to offer a choice to the voters in Douglas County. I firmly believe this is the most important part of the democratic process and it is this choice that has made this country great. This is a privilege that individuals have fought and died to protect. I knew the odds that old name, money and the numbers would be difficult to beat. My determination and strength of character are my best attributes and I confronted all the obstacles. One day in Douglas County different voices will be more easily heard and recognized for their true value, "one step at a time."

It was difficult for me to understand why Mr. Settelmeyer did not think debates were important. It has always been the American way to let the voters hear the candidates' individual ideas and observe their political skills.

However, I do extend my best wishes to James Settelmeyer and the entire constituency he represents.

We have a lot of work to do in Douglas County, the budget shortfall, education, health and human services will all be affected by additional budget cuts.

We have great non-profits in the community who need our support more than ever. I will continue to work with these organizations as we work together to enhance the quality of life for all.

There will always be the critics who say a certain candidate does not stand a "snowball's chance in hell."

They really do not understand what our political system is all about.

Maybe if they would lend their support we could all be winners. It is not the critic who is only verbally engaged that counts, but the person who gives time and/or money and in these times hopefully both to a worthy cause. The people who find a cause for which they are passionate know the triumph of achievement.

Now is the time when our community needs engagement from all of its citizens. The success or failure of our new government is in the hands of the people. We cannot be timid souls who never take a chance.

Everyone in District 39 has a chance to be a winner now. In one of our most perilous time what are we willing to give? I plan to continue the fight.

Jo Etta Brown

Assembly District 39 candidate



In vetting Hillary Clinton for the job of Secretary of State one can only speculate that President Elect Obama will seek explanations to the following questions:

Should the Saudi monarchy be permitted to purchase an important equity position in some of our leading banks? How can Hillary be objective when the very same monarchy donated $10 million to the Clinton Library and foundation?

Should the United Arab Emirates be allowed in? How can Hillary decide fairly when Bill, and therefore herself, have been getting $10 million per year from a fund that administers the investments of the Emir of Dubai, the largest component state in the UAE?

The Dubai Ports deal (which later died) compromised our national security by putting key ports of entry in the United States in that nations control.

Neither Dubai nor the Saudis were able to contribute to her recent campaign " illegal for foreigners to do.

However, they've used the porous ethics of the Clintons to acquire massive influence by making donations, not to her campaign, but to her personal account either through Bill or through the library or foundation which the Clintons directly control.

They have refused to reveal the identity of donors to either the library or foundation.

Hillary was making a $100,000 profit from a $1,000 investment in cattle futures with Tyson Foods' lawyer making her trades.

Was this a bribe for the Arkansas governor's wife?

Hillary's staffers were rifling through Vince Foster's office hours after his death. One seen leaving the scene with documents was White House aid and Hillary protege Chris Livingstone.

What was he doing?

Hillary demanding the need for a White House database of friends and enemies, the White House was found to be in possession of 1,000 FBI files of Republicans.

Again, at the center, Craig Livingstone, who told friends he was Hillary's hire. Why were they there?

In 1998 book "Year of the Rat - How Bill Clinton Compromised U.S. Security for Chinese Cash," by Edward Timperlake and William Triplett II, he made available White House access, policy secrets, super-computers, and military technology - including advanced rocket guidance technology - to China even as a Rogues Gallery of Chinese Communist agents, spies, arms dealers, pimps and gangsters were pumping a huge infusion of cash in Clinton campaign coffers.

The list of questions for Obama to ask could go on and on. However, he'll probably want to know only whether or not she'll do as she's told and not as she and Bill think she should.

Frank J. Logue



Democrat Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto has sicced her pet grand jury on Republican Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki for a college savings program he oversaw years ago as treasurer.

Nevada Appeal columnist Chuck Muth has pointed out that Democrat Sheila Leslie's highly partisan legislative committee had already investigated Krolicki for this program and found no wrongdoing.

A better use of the grand jury's time would be to find out why the attorney general and another Democrat, Secretary of State Ross Miller, publicly acknowledged, but never seriously investigated, ACORN's voter registration fraud this election year.

Voters would appreciate knowing if two partisan hacks operating under color of authority covered up the hijacking of Nevada's election process, giving Democrats state and national victories they didn't earn.

Lynn Muzzy



The coordinators of the Operation Christmas Child Relay Center would like to thank all the churches, civic groups, and individuals that donated Shoe Boxes to Samaritan's Purse's Operation Christmas Child.

The relay center located at Carson Valley Christian Center received 1,040 shoe boxes.

Thanks to the 40 volunteers that staffed the center and helped in many other capacities.

Ralph Schumacher and Larry Husted



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