Hard choices are test of institution

It doesn't give us any pleasure to report the two recent incidents involving Northern Nevada law officers. Nevada Highway Patrol Sgt. Norman Richard Bailey was convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol and was sentenced on Thursday. Later that same day Deputy Jason Cypher was arrested for domestic battery and driving under the influence.

Cypher has not been convicted and is innocent in the eyes of the law.

If there is some comfort to be found in these two stories it is evidence that when a crime is suspected and the Douglas County Sheriff's Office responds, it doesn't matter who the suspect is.

We can't imagine it's easy to arrest one of your own in any of these circumstances. But it's that difficulty that makes it even more noteworthy.

It's not the easy things that test our institutions, but the difficult ones.

The dedication of the Douglas County Sheriff's Office to perform its duty on the difficult things is a testament to its leadership and professionalism.


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