Drunk dad carried infant 'like a football'

The parents of a seven-week-old girl were charged with child endangerment Saturday after witnesses said the father carried the infant "like a football" and both fought with a couple at Silver Strike Lanes who said they were too intoxicated to care for the baby.

Robert Jorgenson, 26, and Melanie Kern, 25, both of Gardnerville, were in Douglas County Jail on $25,000 bail each.

Jorgenson also was charged with battery and probation violation.

Witnesses said Kern and Jorgenson were staggering drunk around the bowling alley and Jorgenson carried the baby like a football and exposed her to fighting adults.

At one point, when the fighting parties had been separated, deputies asked Kern where the baby was and she reportedly did not know. Her brother went into the bowling alley and returned with the child in her baby carrier covered with a blanket.

The baby was released to her grandmother's custody.

Kern and Jorgenson are due back in East Fork Justice Court on Wednesday.

Jorgenson is on five years probation for his part in a burglary ring that targeted Gardnerville Ranchos residents.

He also has a lengthy juvenile record and two felony convictions.

Kern was referred to drug court in connection with the burglary that was adjudicated last year.

She pleaded guilty to possession of stolen property.


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