The R-C Morning Report

Martha Williams of Genoa's Antique's Plus reports spotting a mountain lion near her property just south of town. While the big cats prowl here, they usually avoid humans. A mountain lion will attack a person and there's a flyer up at the Post Office asking folks to watch their children and pets. The adults should be pretty careful as well. With all the deer we've got in town, it's not a surprise that a mountain lion has manifested itself. They really like deer meat.

The search for Steve Fossett enters day 10 as aircraft continue to examine an area within a 50-mile radius of the Flying M Ranch south of Yerington. Fossett was last seen at about 10:30 a.m. southwest of Hawthorne heading east toward Powell Canyon, is reporting. He was expected to return to the ranch between 11 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. for lunch.

I should have taken a clue from the lowering chance of thunderstorms that something else was coming in. A big low pressure system will hit the coast Thursday driving winds through the area with gusts of up to 35 mph, according to the National Weather Service. The Weather Service has posted a fire weather watch for Thursday afternoon through evening due to the winds, and lower humidity associated with the front. Wind gusts should hit 50 mph over the ridges. But the thunderstorms are gone. According to the forecast, there's not much in the way of moisture associated with this storm.


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