Former slot mechanic sent to jail

A former Carson Valley Inn slot mechanic was sentenced Tuesday to a suspended three-year sentence in Nevada State Prison for stealing $22,426 from the casino by taking out bags of change.

Mark Hutchins Davis, 52, was ordered to serve 90 days in Douglas County Jail as part of his probation and perform 80 hours of community service.

He also must make restitution of $16,000 a negotiated amount between CVI, the district attorney's office and Davis.

"I am as sorry as I can be and embarrassed at what I've done," Davis told District Judge Dave Gamble. "I hope the Carson Valley Inn will accept my apology."

He was arrested in April and pleaded guilty to attempted theft.

Philip Bushnell, the Inn's director of finance, said Davis violated the company's trust,

"We create a family work environment with a large element of trust," Bushnell said at the sentencing. "Mr. Davis violated that trust more than 100 times. He came to work to steal. In a year's period, every two or three days, he came to steal."

Davis was arrested after state gaming control officers watched him pull the coin hoppers out of two machines at the Carson Valley Inn and take them out of sight.

After his shift, he was stopped by officers and when they searched his backpack, they found $300 in coins.

Davis allegedly told them he had taken $14,000 from the casino over the past 6-12 months, according to court records

When officers searched his house they found $22,426 which they seized. Of that, $16,000 was paid for restitution.

Defense attorney Tod Young said his client had "no long-term vision" for the crime.

"This was not 'The Italian Job,'" Young said. "Initially, it was a crime of opportunity. A bag of quarters taken seemed like a minor theft. No one would miss it. Unfortunately, this is the way people tend to justify it in their minds."

Young said Davis, who has moved to Southern California, was disgusted with himself.

Gamble said with each bag of coins, Davis made a separate decision to steal.

"You said you had a daughter in college who needed tuition," Gamble said. "I don't know a daughter who would not trade tuition for her father standing in the spot your in."

If Davis violates his probation, he faces three years in Nevada State Prison with a minimum 12 months before his is eligible for parole.

He may have no contact with Carson Valley Inn, with the exception of writing an apology.

Davis may not enter any casino during his probation and must report his conviction to any employer if his job includes handling money.


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