The R-C Morning Report

Searchers for famed aviator Steve Fossett are digging in for the long-haul, saying they are only scratching the surface. While officially the search is covering 10,000 square miles, the range of the Citabria Fossett was flying could put him anywere within a 160,000-square-mile area. With four hours of fuel, Fossett must have gone down or landed by noon on Labor Day, which lets those tricky afternoon Nevada winds off the hook. According to the National Weather Service, the winds in Bridgeport didn't get above 5 mph until noon.

Smoke from California fires is tracing a crazy design across Nevada. Without the usual push of strong westerly winds, smoke from fires near the Bay area is curling around the southern Sierra and coming back while the Moonlight fire continues to produce smoke that is easing in from the north. Meanwhile, the pall continues to hang over the Valley, tinting the sunrise bright red.

The Disney movie "Cars" will be playing at Gardnerville's movies in the park tonight at dusk. The movies are shown in Heritage Park located behind the Overland on Gilman Avenue. The weather for tonight's showing should be perfect. The high today is predicted to be 85, so expect it to hit 90. At sunrise today, the temperature is 46 degrees in Genoa.


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