Searchers to use sonar to probe Walker Lake for Fossett aircraft

The search for famed aviator Steve Fossett will go from air and land to water as a Washoe County Sheriff's Search & Rescue boat probes the depths of Walker Lake.

The Washoe County searchers will use sonar to look for any sign of Fossett's aircraft.

Searchers are expanding the area they are looking north to Gerlach. The previous search pattern had them looking between Yerington and Bishop, but the range of the aircraft Fossett was flying could have taken him over much of Nevada and central California.

Fossett disappeared on Labor Day morning in an aircraft borrowed from Flying M Ranch owner Barron Hilton. The millionaire was last seen flying south from the ranch, located in the southeastern corner of Lyon County, near the California border. Walker Lake is located 20 miles northeast of the ranch.


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