Douglas High yearbook students take their vows

Douglas High School yearbook students started their year with a wedding.

Vice Principal Tom Morgan officiated as the 14 yearbook students took their vows of commitment to the yearbook program and each other.

"I pledge not to talk behind your back. If we argue, we shall do so in private, and shall not talk about it again," the students recited. "I promise to fulfill my obligations to the yearbook."

When students finished, Morgan pronounced them "official yearbook nerds for the 2007-08 year."

Everyone laughed, then yearbook adviser Kimberly Turner took some vows of her own.

Standing before her students, she recited, "I pledge to be true to you, respect you, and grow with you."

Then, like a real wedding, the class celebrated their new commitment with cake and sparkling cider.

"To the yearbook and the best staff I've had," said Turner, as everyone raised their glasses in a toast.

Junior Megan Church, editor of the yearbook, said she discovered the wedding idea at a journalism convention she and Turner attended last spring.

"It's a great way to get everyone involved," Church said.

Church stressed the amount of work yearbook students undertake and said commitment is the key to success.

Krystal Cohen, a junior new to Douglas High, said she had been part of yearbook programs in other schools but had never seen a yearbook wedding before.

"It was different," said Cohen. "I thought it was cool."


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