Sheridan Acres park in the works

A recommendation for a new park cleared its first hurdle on Tuesday evening, but it will be a long time before Sheridan Acres residents will be able to use the swingset.

A park is proposed for two acres of land next to the community's volunteer fire station. The Douglas County Parks and Recreation Board voted to approve residents' request that the land be set aside for a park. The request goes on to Douglas County commissioners for final approval.

Resident Carol Bennis said she understood that it would be a long time before the land became a park.

"We realize it would be a minimum of five years before it became a park," she said.

The property was originally set aside for a public purpose by the developer of Sheridan Acres. Residents lobbied to have a new fire station built and the property was dedicated to the East Fork Fire & Paramedic Districts.

Earlier this year, the property was divided, with the fire station parcel remaining under the districts' ownership while the other half went into general county ownership.

Residents were concerned that the county could dispose of the parcel, which is zoned public facility, or would develop it into a park and ride.

Bennis said residents would prefer that the site remain undeveloped.

"We want it to stay as it is," she said.

But at least as a park, the parcel would see lighter use.

"When the fire district divided it into two parcels it was removed from the fire department's property," Parks Supervisor Craig Burnside told parks commissioners. "There is no one to watch over it. The residents would like to have it dedicated as a park."


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