Genoans move forward on finding town manager

Genoans approved a job description, salary range and process for hiring a new town manager Tuesday night.

The town has been managed under an agreement with the county, under which they paid $45,000 for county support and a special events coordinator to run Candy Dance.

However, Assistant to the County Manager Lisa Granahan said that in order to continue the contract she would have to cut back the time she devotes to the town. About three-quarters of her time has been devoted to the town at a cost of $15,000.

Genoa Town Board members grappled with the implications of hiring a manager with a salary ranging from $42,265 to $56,534, while continuing to employ two part-time office staff and a maintenance person.

"Sitting around and lamenting that it's going to be tough is not going to get us anywhere," Town Board member Dave Whitgob said. "We don't have a choice. Let's find someone and then set them up for success."

Board members approved a job description that listed Candy Dance as half the job of the town manager, a percentage town resident Bill Brooks took exception to.

He produced the report prepared for county commissioners for the six-month review of the management agreement that pointed out 75 percent of Granahan's time was taken up with town business. Added to Events Coordinator Sheryl Gonzales' time as events coordinator, he said Candy Dance would take up more of the manager's time.

"It doesn't add up to 50 percent," he said. "The previous town manager told me Candy Dance took up to 65 percent of his time. You're misguiding the applicant right there."

The annual town fundraiser, Candy Dance is Sept. 29 and 30 this year. It raises the lion's share of the town's budget for the year.

Most of that money comes from fees paid by crafters for booths, which Granahan estimated would be about $113,000 this year. Sales of candy, merchandise, parking and the dinner and dance that gives the event its name cover most of the costs.

As a hedge against possible failure of the event, town board members approved seeking insurance to cover the expenses associated with the event.


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