4-H leaders needed w/photo

There will be a training workshop for new 4-H leaders Sept. 16. Douglas County 4-H is accepting applications for volunteer project leaders and helpers in shooting and horse sport.

Instructors are needed for archery, shotgun, rifle, air pistol instructors are needed as well leaders or helpers for western or English styles of riding.

What makes a good 4-H leader?

-- 4-H leaders are adults ages 20 and older with a passion that they would like to share with young people ages 9-19.

-- 4-H leaders are full-time working parents, singles and retired community members of all ages and interests.

-- 4-H leaders don't have to be experts on a subject, but need a desire to help to foster a sense of discovery in young people.

-- 4-H leaders like to have fun and to share their enthusiasm with youth.

-- 4-H leaders set their own meeting times so that the project works with their individual schedule.

-- 4-H leaders are passionate about investing in youth, to help them learn valuable life skills while they learn about a project.

4-H is a youth development program of the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension.

For an application or information, call Shannon Montana, 782-9960.


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