The R-C Morning Report: It's cccold out there

Welcome to a frosty busiest travel day of the year, when people hopped up on holiday stress take marathon journeys to see their relatives. Since I won't be participating in the craziness this year, we all can settle down to a nice safe Thanksgiving once it passes.

I wasn't kidding about frosty, in the few minutes preceding sunrise this morning it got down to 20 degrees in Minden, Genoa, and the Pine Nuts. Expect it to get cooler in the morning before it gets warmer, with lows in the teens.

If you haven't cold-proofed your sprinklers or outside water, you are about to get a demonstration in physics. Because unlike most other things, water expands when it gets colder and when it expands, it breaks stuff like pipes.

The Morning R-C, like The Record-Courier itself, will be dark on Thursday so I can enjoy the holiday with my family, which is code for "work on the house until dinner time." Have a great Thanksgiving.


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