The R-C Morning Report: Workshops

No wonder county commissioners kept their regular meeting at the Lake short on Thursday. There's a four-hour workshop scheduled for 1 p.m. today to "develop and implement Douglas County values, mission, vision, strategic objectives and action plans." The session will be held at the Gardnerville Ranchos Fire Station No. 7 on Mitch Drive. This is the first of three workshops, the next one is Dec. 7 and the third is Dec. 21.

The weather for the weekend before Thanksgiving is going to be damp Sunday and Monday. Itit looks like things will be a lot cooler on the other end through Thursday.

The weather today is forecast to be partly sunny with the high near 65. There'll be a bit of a breeze of 5-10 mph. Pretty much the same thing for Saturday. At just before sunrise, it looks clear out and it's warm: 47 degrees in Genoa, 43 in Minden.

Next week most government offices will be closed on Thursday and Friday. For those of us in private enterprise, Black Friday, will be anything but quiet, we hope. So, I'm declaring a Friday before Thanksgiving week holiday. Let's all get our work done and go home early today.


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