The R-C Morning Report: gasoline

It's going to be pretty tough making it over the mountains and through the woods to grandma's house for Thanksgiving at the rate a gallon of gas is going. I didn't need AAA's press release to tell me gas prices are climbing fast. I have receipts from gas purchases at the Wal-Mart on Nov. 10 and Costco for Nov. 9. I paid $3.299 a gallon for gas in Carson and $3.319 a gallon in Douglas, and the Douglas gas was mid-grade.

How well the Carson River Basin did in the first month of the water year depends on where you're standing. If you're up on Monitor Pass, you received 69 percent of average precipitation for October. If you were standing in Minden, you would have only received a third. Which is odd, because apparently Gardnerville got twice the precipitation Minden did. Time passes slower in Gardnerville, too, I've found. Anyway, for all the talk of a wet year, so far, the numbers don't bear it out.

We're going to have some wind associated with this next front rolling in on Thursday night. It won't go much above 20 mph, and there isn't much chance of rain before Saturday and then it won't be very wet. Today's high is expected to hit 60, but it has been a bit warmer over the past few days.


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