Field trip to Spooner Lake was fun

I was a chaperone for a field trip to Spooner Lake last week. Eighty-plus-degree temperatures were predicted with a slight chance of thunderstorms. I haven't been up to Spooner since Jenee was a baby, and then it was to help haul firewood out of the forest.

The first-graders from PiƱon Hills came up with the help of other moms and dads and of course, the teachers. We hiked around the entire lake. Jim Gifford, one of the parents, was our fill-in ranger for the day. He pointed out the different types of trees that surround this peaceful little lake, firs, pines, the quaking aspens that shimmer in the gentle breeze. He also showed the children how they core a tree to find out how old it is.

It was nice to have the slight breeze to cool us off. The narrow trail you follow around the lake is mostly shaded which also helped on the warm day. The children seemed to start out the hike afraid that they would see a bear, or worse, a mama bear and a cub or two. I assured them we were making entirely too much noise for a bear to want to hang around near us.

Right now there are lots of flowers blooming around the trail in hues of white, pinks, purples and yellow. Canada geese were basking on the shore line, it was about the extent of the wildlife we observed other than one pesky squirrel that was interested in our picnic lunches. There was one couple in a canoe, fishing. Another gentleman had a tube he was fishing from. The only markings we saw from an animal on the trail were a pile of horse droppings. One large orange and black butterfly came close to landing on a first-grader walking next to me. It kind of startled her. I told her that happened to me last week when a large yellow and black butterfly came close to me and I screamed.

It wasn't quite noon when the clouds started to form and we made it back to the picnic tables with hearty appetites. As the clouds started to dissipate, it cooled off the temperatures to make me much more comfortable. Thank you so much for inviting me along, first-graders. I plan to go do that hike again with my family.

-- Don't forget, there is no school Friday because of parent-teacher conferences.


In my article for the Almanac story about the "street names of Johnson Lane" I have a name typo, Walter Downs Jr. was not married to Betty (she was his sister); he was married to Mary A. Downs. Thanks, Scott, for the correction.

-- Lisa Welch is a Johnson Lane resident and can be reached at 267-9350.


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