Underground newspaper recipe for disaster

A 15-year-old Carson Valley Middle School student was accused of distributing an underground newspaper on campus that included a recipe for explosives.

Authorities said a copy of the two-page "CVMS Underground" was discovered last week in the school library and turned over to officials.

Douglas County Sheriff's spokesman Sgt. Tom Mezzetta said the student was arrested for making threats at school.

He was not detained by juvenile officials because he didn't make specific threats against anyone. The incident is under review by the district attorney's office and the school.

School Superintendent Carol Lark said she was not allowed to discuss the student's status due to confidentiality.

"My understanding is that the newspaper was discovered in the library, sitting on a table, and was immediately brought to the attention of school officials," she said.

Officials believe the student produced the newspaper at home and brought two or three copies to campus.

"We take every situation like this extremely seriously," Lark said. "The safety of our students is of utmost importance."

Mezzetta said officials believe all copies of the newspaper were confiscated.

He said he also reviewed recent cases to determine if there were any reports that someone tried to follow the recipe and make explosives.


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