Realizing that we are a needy people

Although we live in a land of plenty, where opportunities are abundant, where dreams may come true, and where possibilities are endless, many people still find themselves in need of something they cannot find or produce for themselves.

Most of us have been taught, "If you want something, you have to work for it." But the question that comes to mind is, "After you had worked for "it", does "it" satisfy?"

The things you work for may satisfy for the time being but in time, things lose their satisfaction. Mick Jaggar and the Rolling Stones had a big hit, "I Can't Get No, Satisfaction" and can you guess why?

We all need things that will satisfy not just for the moment, but forever, and the things that last forever are things that we cannot produce ourselves.

There are many characters in the Bible who loved God and followed Jesus and when things got rough, they needed something that they could not produce themselves to make it through the tough times. In three cases noted in the Bible, the Holy Spirit produced what men could not produce.

In the case of Peter and John (Acts 4:13-31) while they where being persecuted for speaking out of what they had seen and heard of Jesus, during prayer, the Holy Spirit produced courage in their life.

In the case of Stephen (Acts 7:55-60) while he was about to be executed (stoned) for his courage renouncing the religious leaders who resisted the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit produced forgiveness in his life.

And in the case of Paul and Silas (Acts 16:22-25) after being beaten, thrown in prison and chained, the Holy Spirit produced joy in their life.

Courage, forgiveness and joy are things we cannot produce ourselves. We may simulate these qualities at times and when we do, the satisfaction quickly diminishes. What the Holy Spirit produces always satisfies because it is eternal.

Do you need courage, forgiveness and joy in your life to last forever? If you do, why not attend church this week and maybe you will receive only what the Holy Spirit can produce.

-- Albert Vacek is pastor at Valley Springs Baptist Church.


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