Felon arrested outside pizza place

A 52-year-old Washington man was arrested Friday in front of Domino's Pizza on a warrant for felony possession of a controlled substance.

Danny Gutierrez is being held in Douglas County Jail pending his return to Pierce County, Wash.

An officer noticed Gutierrez's vehicle parked in front of the pizza place with the interior lights on just before midnight. He told the officer he was trying to locate directions to his brother's house in the Gardnerville Ranchos.

When the officer checked the suspect's license, he discovered the warrant for failure to appear.

-- Graffiti was reported at two locations in Carson Valley on Feb. 2.

Vandals used black paint and permanent marker to deface a building in the rear of Ironwood Center, a trash enclosure and a transformer box.

Damage also was reported at Kimmerling and Wheeler Way in the Gardnerville Ranchos near the green belt leading from Bluerock and on cluster mail boxes.

The graffiti included "SUR 13," "South Side 13," "U-C-IT," "skate and destroy" a swastika, several obscenities, and racial epithets.

A deputy said there was graffiti on the pavement, but the words were indecipherable.

Graffiti was reported in late January at an apartment complex in Minden.

Someone sprayed "13," a triangle made of three dots and illegible words on a utility box and a residential parking sign at the apartments. A fence that divides the rear of the apartments from Douglas High School also was painted, authorities said.

-- Several golf balls were found on the outside of a shattered window in the announcer's booth Monday at Ranchos Aspen Park.

Deputies believe someone was hitting or throwing golf balls at the window and broke an outer pane.


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