Slow and steadywins this race

With at least two more marathon sessions coming up to discuss the implementation of a growth control ordinance, we have only one thing to ask from those scheduling the meetings, mercy.

Having a marathon night session on top of a day of regular county business is a lot to ask .

It's too much to ask anyone, even those who signed on for it, to spend nine hours struggling with some of the most difficult issues of our day.

By the end of the night people are haggard and rarely making sense.

It would be better to either set the master plan sessions for a separate day or reduce the regular agenda to items of the most innocuous and non-controversial matters.

The decisions county commissioners are going to make on this issue during the next few months will affect Douglas County for years to come and their work will almost certainly come under judicial review.

That necessitates spending some very serious time on the issue, making sure all views are heard, discussed and either accepted or rejected.

There is a reason that deliberate also means slow and careful.

Decisions of the magnitude of a growth ordinance require as much time as possible to get right.

We would ask that commissioners be given the time to do a good job.


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