Bank account set up for liver recipient

Friends of a Gardnerville woman recovering from a liver transplant have set up an account at Bank of America to help with medical expenses.

Kathi D'Amico, 52, and her husband Dave are staying in an apartment in Palo Alto, Calif., for the next several weeks as she recovers from transplant surgery Jan. 23 at Stanford University.

"She's doing OK," Dave D'Amico said Tuesday. "There's some discomfort, but nothing major. She's moving along ahead of schedule."

He said he and his wife try to get out and walk every day. She is tested weekly at the hospital.

She could be released in four to six weeks.

"She's on quite a bit of medication to fight possible infections," D'Amico said.

D'Amico plans to stay with his wife until she is ready to come home.

Donations may be made to Kathleen D'Amico Medical Fund, Account No. 0050 1076 8683 at any Bank of America branch.


Donations for the medical expenses of Kathi D'Amico, recovering from a liver transplant, may be made at any Bank of America branch to the Kathleen D'Amico Medical Fund, Account No. 0050 1076 8683.


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