Bordewich-Bray students jog in support of school

When Nolan Shine hits the track on Friday, he has an objective: run as many laps as he can.

"One time I did 10 and that was in kindergarten," the 8-year-old said. "I did 13 in first grade and I only did eight in second grade. I hope to do as many as I can this year."

While the running will be done by students Friday, much of the behind-the-scenes work for the 15th Annual Jogathon fund-raiser at Bordewich-Bray Elementary School is already complete. Students collected donations beforehand.

Nolan will be among the first group of students - all third-graders - to run laps. At about 8:50 a.m., they will be led to the track, which is nearly a quarter-mile around, by physical education teacher Linda Hurzel. Most students will walk or run as far as they can in 20 minutes; kindergartners for 15 minutes.

"I've done it every year since I've been here," Nolan said. "You have to wear good tennis shoes and you have to wear pants or jeans or good jogging shorts, no skirts, and they give us a shirt to wear to run in."

All students will receive a royal blue T-shirt that says "Any way you play, you're a winner at Bordewich-Bray." Third-grader Brandon Ruf, 8, said the track is not overly crowded.

"You're running basically for fun," he said. "It's fun to run because you get exercise and it makes you feel good."

The Jogathon is one of the larger fund-raisers of the year at Bordewich, in addition to Innisbrook and cookie dough fund-raisers. The Jogathon's all-time high amount was $13,000, which Hurzel would like to reach again this year.

The parent-teacher association used last year's money to redesign the interior of the lunchroom. Ceiling tile was replaced.

"They repainted the lunchroom," Hurzel said. "It had not been painted since it was built. It now blends in with the rest of the building. It looks modern. It looks clean. And the kids noticed it.

"It kinds of shows you why our PTA was picked as the No. 1 PTA in the state of Nevada."

PTA fund-raisers also pay for fees for presenters at the school's all-day Nevada Day event, as well as special assemblies, field trips and honor-roll parties.

"I think (students) realize (the Jogathon) is something that's good for them," Hurzel said. "It also ties in with the physical education standards that we need to move, get out and take care of our bodies, and at the same time we're doing something for the school."

Anyone who wants to donate to the Jogathon can give money at the school at 110 Thompson Street or mail in a check to Hurzel's attention.

"It's good to do for you school," Brandon said. "Like Ms. Hurzel, you can get her more things. It pays for a lot of new stuff, like if you want a new thing, like paint."

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