Red Cross warns of bogus rep

LAKE TAHOE - The American Red Cross has issued a warning to all South Shore companies and individuals donating money and cash to the hurricane relief effort.

Officials with the organization are asking residents and businesses working with the American Red Cross to check for official ID of any Red Cross representative.

"Please ask for it and don't take someone's word at face value," said Sharon Marlowe, a volunteer with the Lake Tahoe Disaster Response Unit of the American Red Cross.

"Someone in the South Shore community may have been working within our community representing themselves as a American Red Cross member when they are not in fact a member," said Marlowe.

The person may have been working with newspapers, radio and television, advising the public of drop-off locations for money. Red Cross officials in Reno and Sacramento say the person in question is not affiliated with the American Red Cross.

For information, contact Marlowe at (530) 542-4972.


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