Parks commission to rule on grant applications

The Carson Parks and Recreation Commission will decide Oct. 4 which projects to recommend for residential construction tax funding this year.

The recommendations will be forwarded to Carson City supervisors, who will make the final decision.

The commission has applications totaling $248,689 but only $150,000 to allocate.

One of the most ambitious is the Carson City Historical Society's proposed two-story carriage house next to the Roberts House as part of its museum. Total cost of the project will be about $300,000, with $210,000 coming from private grants and the rest in in-kind and other donations.

The group is asking the city for $50,000.

The carriage house would provide 1,425 square feet of space for special events and to provide storage for historic records and a new gift shop.

Carson City BMX has asked for $30,000 to continue work putting up lights at the Edmonds Sports Complex BMX track. The city's Parks and Recreation Department wants $41,975 to construct an outdoor climbing wall at Long Ranch Park. The precast concrete climbing wall would feature a chimney as well as an overhang for rock climbers to test their skills.

Parks officials are also asking for $75,000 for construction of the Ronald D. Wilson Memorial Park on Mark Way north of the freeway and for $3,000 to replace aging and diseased trees in various city parks.

In addition, the Shade Tree Council has asked for $6,000 to buy and install arboretum trees.

Finally, the Carson City Railroad Association is seeking a $22,520 grant to replace ties and make safety and operational improvements for the Mills Park Railroad.

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