Published teaching tip comes from Pioneer High School teacher

Ridgley Reece, a special-education teacher at Pioneer High School, was recently selected to be published in the September 2005 edition of SRA/McGraw-Hill's national e-newsletter, Making the Difference(SM).

Making the Difference(SM) publishes tips for using SRA's reading programs - Direct Instruction and Open Court Reading - and is distributed to approximately 13,000 teachers across the country once a month.

"We hear from many teachers about how they've used SRA's programs successfully in the classroom," said Bob Englert, editor of the publication. "We appreciate Ridgley's support of Open Court Reading and her willingness to share her expertise. It's our goal to create a platform where teachers can learn directly from one another, no matter where they are."

Ridgley, who uses SRA's Open Court Reading program contributed the following tip: She punches eyeholes at the top of the Open Court Reading Sound Spelling Cards and creates a flip chart by using plywood to form a triangular base.

"This keeps my cards together and in sequence giving me an efficient and fun way to present them to the students in a flashcard format," she said.

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