Salvation Army is helping relief effort too

Just a brief statement to say that all I see in the paper is the Red Cross, when it comes to helping the Hurricane Katrina victims. Well, the Salvation Army is helping, too; and it doesn't take out anything from the donation for administration costs. One hundred percent goes to the relief effort. I think this is an admirable quality, and it will be the first to get my money every time.


Carson City

Let's get bypass done before tearing up rest

This is addressed to the city supervisors and engineers:

Isn't the new bypass currently being constructed around the city supposed to help alleviate the snarled traffic through the center of Carson City when completed? Let's wait to see how well the wonderful new bypass helps with the downtown traffic before tearing up another section of Carson City.

One more thing! How about concentrating on making Carson City look like the state's capital? Do something with all the empty buildings on Carson Street. Let Mr. Max Baer build his casino! You want to build new theaters to help reface Carson, well, I think Mr. Baer has that covered in his project among other things. He's willing to work with you; why aren't you working with him? This would help alleviate one eyesore in the city.


Carson City

First 'commandment' of Wiccans: No harm

This is in response to the Nevada Appeal article dated Sept. 3, page A4, about the inmate suing the prison system over the freedom of religion. As a Wiccan myself, I am appalled that some would claim lineage to our beliefs and then go out and commit a violent crime such as this.

Sadly, too, many of the criminal element do claim to be Wiccan, Shamanic or Druidic. These traditions, however odd they may seem to others, have in common, one "commandment" ... harm none!

Now here is an inmate suing the system over the freedom of religion. I personally take issue with this subject because this individual says he is Wiccan. What is this man thinking? Naturally, prisons and jailhouses aren't going to allow candles, incense or any material that require a flame.

I do believe firmly in one's constitutional right to religious freedom, but when articles like this hit the paper, it makes us all look bad. The "Way of The Wise" - Wicca, has no place for druggies, pervs or violent criminals, ever! To all Pagans serving time ... you can honor your God and Goddess without the candles, incense and ritual tools. If you want to be free to use them in rituals of worship, then stop breaking the law!


Carson City

Letter writers wereon the same page

It is not my practice to defend right-wing zealots, but I think David K. Schumann's letter to the editor really misses the point when he attacks David Satterfield. Mr. Satterfield's letter, to my reading, was tongue-in-cheek and was designed to pre-empt a possible assertion by the "greens" that Katrina was the fault of the Republicans, big oil and Haliburton. Mr. Schumann and Mr. Satterfield are most likely on the same page.


Carson City

Doonesbury's politics too much for comics

The Sunday Doonesbury comic strip stated, "She'll be tarred as Baghdad Jane wherever she goes, completely obscuring the message of how shameful this war is!" This is completely a political statement that can easily lead to confusion among young readers who don't know any better than to believe a comic strip writer that this war is "shameful."

This strip belongs in the editorial section of the paper instead of the comic section. He wasn't referring to all war as being shameful, just this one, make no mistake.

If not for this war, 50 million people would continue to be educated to hate America. Our kids would someday have to pay for our negligence. God bless our military and our country.


Carson City


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