BunnyRanch women to help relief effort

Some working girls at the Moonlite BunnyRanch would like to become Red Cross volunteers.

Becca Brat, who is from Baton Rouge, La.; Max and Air Force Amy plan to attend a Red Cross training class in Reno so that they can volunteer with the Hurricane Katrina relief effort in the Gulf Coast.

"We want to take the class and use whatever skills we have, even though we're not nurses," said brothel prostitute Air Force Amy, who doesn't give out her full name. "But I was in the military, so I should be able to help."

She said Tuesday they all can take the three weeks off, a Red Cross requirement for getting sent out to hurricane relief areas.

"One of the reasons I work here is that I can take off as much time as I like," Amy said. "I feel terrible that so many people have to suffer. We have such an easy job that makes so much money, it only makes sense that we should be able to give back."

The Mound House brothel rotated the Red Cross relief effort into its charity box kept in the lobby. Amy said a few of the workers are going to take 5 percent of their daily earnings and add it to the box.

Brothel owner Dennis Hof said the cameras of HBO's docu-soap "Cathouse," which is shot at the BunnyRanch, may follow the women when they volunteer.

"We're talking to HBO right now about that," he said.

"We want it to happen, and HBO wants it to happen. We're just trying to work out the logistics."


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