Deputy fires shot at battery suspect; no one hurt

A Carson City sheriff's deputy fired a shot at a domestic battery suspect when the suspect allegedly tried to flee at 12:16 a.m. Sunday.

Niva Montez, 21, of 2200 block of Poole Way, was arrested and charged with resisting arrest with violence, felony battery on a police officer, a gross misdemeanor; and domestic battery, a misdemeanor.

According to the police report filed by Deputy Paula Andrews, she and Sgt. Darrin Sloan were called to a home on Poole Way for a possible domestic battery incident. A large group of people were standing in the doorway of the home, and an unidentified female was crying and screaming in a rear room. The report further stated that Montez's sister told the officers he was on drugs and acting crazy.

The report stated that Montez became very aggressive toward the officers as they tried to ascertain what had happened, and said, "I am God, I will kill you," while lunging at Sloan.

Andrews stated that Sloan then pulled his Taser gun and shot Montez, but he continued fighting. Andrews then said she pulled her Taser, which didn't work right away. After flipping the switch, she shot Montez, and he fell back onto a couch. The report stated he got back up and tried to get at the officers, who both shot their Tasers again.

The report stated that while being Tased, Montez made it to the front door and went down on the ground outside. Andrews reported she handed her Taser to Sloan and tried to handcuff Montez, who began struggling, pushing her, and pulling away. She stated that Montez then jumped up and again lunged at Sloan, stating "I am God, I will kill you."

According to the report, Montez picked up an object from the ground and hit Sloan with it, after which he threw the object at Sloan. After ordering Montez to get on the ground, Andrews reported that Montez would not comply, turned as if he were going to flee, then charged at her, again saying "I will kill you." She stated she then drew her gun and fired one shot.

Montez ran south on Poole Way, according to the report, and Sloan and Andrews pursued on foot.

The report stated that Sloan called for assistance, and when it arrived, another officer apprehended Montez, who was checked out by a Carson City Fire Department unit and released to the deputies.

The report further stated that due to the commotion and a language barrier, the officers were uncertain if the domestic battery had taken place.

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