New route established for students walking along Edmonds

Starting Wednesday, Eagle Valley Middle School students will be asked to cross Edmonds Drive at the intersection of Desatoya Drive instead of the one they have been using just north of the roundabout.

The decision was prompted by a three-car accident near the original crossing point last week.

The Aug. 30 accident happened when a motorist traveling north, rear-ended the minivan in front of him. The impact sent the Caravan into a Ford Ranger pickup.

The passengers of the pickup said they were afraid they would be propelled into the crosswalk, occupied by children and a crossing guard.

Although no students were hit, officials from city government, the sheriff's department and school district met to discuss other options.

Undersheriff Steve Albertsen suggested rerouting the students to cross farther north at Desatoya, which is included in Empire Elementary School's school zone, where the speed limit is reduced to 15 mph.

Mike Mitchell, director of operations for the Carson City School District, agreed with that solution.

"The speed limit on that stretch of road is 35 mph," he said. "That's certainly not as safe as 15 mph when you want kids to cross the street."

Students will be notified of the change during a series of announcements today on the in-school broadcast. A note will also be sent home informing parents.

Albertsen also issued a caution to motorists:

"When you're in that area, acknowledge the school zone and drive safely."

About 150 middle school students walk the route twice a day, since the bus from their neighborhood around Empire Elementary School was discontinued last year.

Originally, the route was established following a path system developed by the city. Following the new route, students will walk along the east side of Edmonds until reaching Desatoya.

A crossing guard will be stationed at that intersection.

Street officials are expected to paint the new lines today, and signs will be placed to notify motorists of the change.

The school zone will also be extended south to fully include the new crossing.

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