January hearing scheduled in ethics charges against Fallon JP

The Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline has set Jan. 17 to begin hearings into ethics charges against Fallon Justice of the Peace Daniel Ward.

The commission filed a 15-count statement of charges against him in August. Several of the alleged ethical violations centered around his conduct in a drug case involving his son, Sean.

The notice to Ward's counsel and prosecutor Mary Boetsch said the formal hearing will run from Jan. 17-20.

Because of the number of charges involved, the commission notified participants more time may be needed.

If so, the commission will reconvene Feb. 7-10 to conclude the case.

The location of the hearings has not yet been set.

Ward is accused of interfering in the drug case involving his son several times, cautioning a potential witness not to talk to the anti-drug task force about his son and arranging for the boy's release without bail from jail.

Several other counts involve allegations Ward misused his influence to give breaks to friends ranging from fixing traffic tickets to refusing to issue a warrant in the case of Wes Lattin, accused by the district attorney's office of sexual assault and lewdness with a 14-year-old girl.

If found guilty of the charges, Ward could be removed from office and barred from holding judicial office in the future.

Ward has denied the allegations.


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