Silver Springs: A great place to live

Thank you, Nevada Appeal, for the human interest story of Sept. 30, concerning Jeanne Breland's plight caused by her unnamed Simon LeGree-type landlord.

As expected, whenever there are random acts of kindness in Silver Springs, our friend Tom Blomquist is somewhere nearby, as is also my favorite Lyon County supervisor, Chet Hilliard, who waded in immediately after reading the article and set to motion the wheels that will allow special dispensation when the pink trailer is relocated.

Today I learned that the pastor of our little country church is a neighbor of Jeanne Breland and intends to pledge assistance.

Sometimes it's great to live in Silver Springs!


Silver Springs

Heapin' helpin' of hospitality wanting for Hillbillies Casino

Most actors rebel when one role they played takes over their entire identity. But when it comes to Max Baer Jr., he has embraced his fictional character of Jethro Bodine. It is a though they are one, living in the same space and time, envisioning grand dreams. The role of Jethro was that of a simple and likable man who wanted to be something other than he actually was. Things never went the way Jethro planned, and so it has been for Mr. Baer since he purchased the Wal-Mart store. Perhaps he wishes he could go back to episode No. 129, "The Great Jethro," wave his magic wand and have no opposition to his casino project.

A trip to sheds some light on why Max and Jethro merged. It has to do with branding, the art of taking an easily recognizable person, song, television program, or, in this case, all three and marketing them to the public. Mr. Baer has learned well how a television program in syndication for more than 30 years can develop loyal viewers and customers for his products. I don't find anything particularly wrong with that. It is smart business, especially for the man who acquired the rights from CBS that were necessary to develop the Beverly Hillbillies brand. If Mr. Baer doesn't mind losing his identity to Jethro, that is his choice.

Perhaps where people in Carson City are drawing the line is being branded as Carson Hillbillies. Losing their identity to the Clampett Clan doesn't sit well with some people. Should the predominate landmark when tourists drive into town be the shinning dome of the Capitol or a 200-foot flaming oil derrick?

So what happens next? Will the old Wal-Mart location continue being just a nice parcel of open space in our community? Will Mr. Baer take his casino to Douglas County or another location that would be more "suitable"? Is there any room between the parties for negotiation? Could the controversial oil derrick be exchanged for a tastefully done above- ground fountain of bubbling crude? Can't we all just get along?

Some time ago, Mr. Baer said his casino would be at that location or nothing else would. Well, perhaps he has softened, as there is now a nursery in the store's garden center and donated goods for hurricane victims are also stored there. But the biggest surprise was how he reacted to being asked to fill the role of grand marshal of Virginia City's Labor Day Parade. He was quoted as saying, "Why don't you get some celebrity? Someone who's working now and someone doing something, not a walking corpse." Wow! That definitely doesn't sound like a scripted line for Jethro.

Hopefully, things can be worked out to everyone's best interest and the project can be completed and begin generating tax revenue. Then, as the theme song says, Max can focus on giving residents and visitors a heapin' helpin' of his hospitality.


Carson City

Dawn Gibbons is prepared to hold two government posts

Regarding Dema Guinn's opinion that Dawn Gibbons is incapable of being a congresswoman and Nevada's first lady at the same time, it is my opinion Dema is projecting her own limitations. We know Dawn is a successful mother, spouse, businesswoman and Nevada state assemblywoman. We know Dema is a successful mother, spouse and full-time first lady of Gov. Kenny Guinn, depending on him for food, shelter and reason for existence.

Based on past performance, Dawn is intellectually capable of doing multiple tasks, thus the probability of her being a successful congresswoman and Nevada first lady is a given. As to Dema, I admire her frankness in admitting she is incapable of being a congresswoman and first lady at the same time.




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