Has anyone out there ever been too busy? You can still chose to be happy

Have you ever heard, "So much to do, so little time?" I hadn't really thought about it until the last year or so. Now I know exactly what it means.

High school can get really busy at times. You have to juggle classes, sports, friends and other stuff all in one day. Block days make it a little bit easier.

Block days are when the high school students have three classes one day - "A" day - and three classes the next day - "B" day - and they alternate. Block days. It makes it easier because you have more class time to work on things, and you get two days to do your homework instead of only one. However, your homework will catch up with you sometime and you will eventually have to work every day.

Sometimes you wonder if it is actually humanly possible to do everything in one day.

Many of my friends have extra things that take up a lot of their time. Some of my friends are on school sports teams like soccer, basketball, football as well as dance and cheerleading. I know that they care a lot about what they do, and they have to make every second useful.

I feel so overwhelmed with all that I have to do. I go to a youth group every Tuesday night at Hilltop Community Church and I hate to miss it, but I need to make sure I have all my homework done before I can go. And now, on top of that, we are in the middle of moving to a new house. It sure has been a long process. And now that we are almost done, I began to think I would be able to get some rest ... but no.

Now I have an English project. It's like it never ends.

It seems like life just goes by way too fast. Sometimes so fast it's not even enjoyable. I mean, not just in high school, but just in regular life, too. I was thinking a few days ago that it seemed like I was just in sixth grade. Since I started thinking how really fast the last three years have gone, I started wondering how fast these next four years will go. We just started school, and now it is already been six weeks. We are almost a quarter of the way finished with school.

I guess time really doesn't wait for anyone.

But there is a more positive note on this subject. It is that if you like all the stuff you are doing, and you're really organized, it won't matter to you because you are happy. As long as you are enjoying what you do, it really doesn't matter. Happiness is not like a season where it comes and goes. You can be happy every single day of your life.

A lot of my friends ask me why I am always happy and why I am never in a bad mood. Well, it is because I choose to be that way. People say that is wrong and not normal, but choosing to be happy really does make you feel better. So why not be happy? Why would anyone actually want to be sad or mad or depressed all the time? Well, yes, I am not happy ALL the time, but I really do try to stay that way.

Choosing to be happy and organized really helps during the way-too-busy times of school, home work, school activities, church groups, family time, and even moving from the house you've lived in for the past eight years.

n Christina Connell writes a column once a month. She is a freshman at Carson High School and wondering why there is no C-day just to catch up on things.


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