Victim of suspicious death in Incline identified

Incline Village - A Washoe County Corner's autopsy report showed that a 58-year-old man found dead here had massive head trauma from a fall, but officials aren't saying yet what killed him.

Greg Murphy of Incline Village was found by Washoe County Sheriff's Office deputies at 3 p.m. on Tuesday.

Detectives are waiting for toxicology reports to fully determine the actual cause of death.

"As of right now, there is nothing to indicate that a second or third party was involved, and it looks like a natural death," said Washoe County Sheriff's detective Kathleen Bishop.

Deputies arrived at Murphy's home on Wendy Lane Tuesday after receiving a call from his employer at the Silver Legacy Resort and Casino in Reno stating Murphy had not shown up to work that day. Upon arriving at his home, deputies found Murphy dead on the side porch of his home.

The doors to his home were locked, officials said.

Neighbor Dave Gonzalves recalled hearing pounding on Murphy's door early Sunday morning before hearing a loud thud at 4:30 a.m.

"I got home from work around 2 a.m., and about a half hour later, I heard a loud pounding outside and someone saying, 'Let me in, it's cold outside!'" Gonzalves said. "I went outside and saw that Greg's light wasn't on, I didn't see anyone standing on his porch. About two hours later, I heard a loud knock that sounded like a door slamming shut."

Gonzalves and other residents of Wendy Lane described Murphy as a "good neighbor" and a "private man."

"He was a real stand-up guy," said Debbie Ryan, who lived next door to Murphy for 12 years. "He was the kind of guy that would do anything for anyone."


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