Animal shelters filled with scared dogs after thunderstorms

The lightning and thunderstorms that rumbled through the area this past week rattled some human nerves for a time. But the effect on man's best friend can be more dramatic and potentially longer lasting.

Such storms can send dogs literally over the fence or out the window in fear. The lucky ones are quickly found by their masters.

Others wind up in animal shelters, overwhelming community resources.

"This time of year, these storms are always a problem for us because so many dogs do get loose," said James Jacklett, an animal regulation officer for Carson City Animal Services.

On Thursday alone, animal officers picked up 15 strays, of which 11 had been reclaimed by their owners by Saturday.

"The other four don't have any form of identification," Jacklett said. "A lot of people don't know about the shelter and don't know to contact us if they've lost their dog."

Of the 36 kennels at the Carson City shelter, all but two were occupied Saturday afternoon.

The Douglas County Animal Shelter in Gardnerville had a full house on Saturday. Seven dogs picked up Thursday or Friday were still unclaimed. Few had identification and the owners of some dogs with tags could not be located.

Twenty-seven dogs occupied 26 kennels plus a small shih tsu was being held in a cat cage.

Jacklett emphasized the importance of a collar and identification tags with an emergency number on it.

"During storms, we try to take dogs home rather than bringing them here," he said.

Dogs left unclaimed become available for adoption after three days at the Carson City shelter and after five days in Douglas County.

What the staff and volunteers at the shelters really hope for is that the owners will claim their animals and take them back to the home they already know.

"All our dogs had homes at one time or another," Jacklett said, "and end up here for many reasons."

Lost dogs

If you've lost an animal, contact your local animal shelter as soon as possible and check back daily.

Carson City Animal Services

3770 Butti Way


Douglas County Animal Shelter

921 Pinenut Road



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