Muckers Receive Championship Rings

The Virginia City High School Muckers boys basketball team received its 2005 1-A State Championship Rings on Wednesday night.

Virginia City posted a 25-4 record and a two-point win in the state championship game over Southern Nevada power Lake Mead Christian High School this past March in Las Vegas. Virginia City was the only Northern Nevada boys or girls basketball team to win a state championship and the only public school boys team in the state to win a basketball championship this past spring.

The rings were crafted and designed by Balfour of Austin, Texas. Balfour has crafted championship rings for LSU, Texas, the Dallas Cowboys, the San Francisco 49ers, the San Francisco Giants and the last two national championship rings for USC and has made all 26 World Championship rings for the New York Yankees.

Virginia City's Booster Club helped pay for the rings. Balfour now has a regional representative stationed in the Carson City area.


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