Beers calls for cap on school administrators' salaries

State Sen. Bob Beers, R-Las Vegas, has requested a bill for the 2007 Legislature that would put a cap on the amount a school district can pay its superintendent.

Beers said he disagrees with the suggestion by university chancellor Jim Rogers that Clark County School District should pay up to $600,000 a year for a new superintendent.

"Reasonable people differ on the solutions needed to improve our troubled Clark County system and I believe that throwing more money into administration will not achieve our common goal," he said.

His proposal would cap the pay for any superintendent at one-and-a-half times the salary of the top-paid high school principal in each district.

"We have got to be more disciplined in spending the people's tax dollars," Beers said.

He said his solution for Clark County is to break the district into smaller, more manageable districts.

"My vision for Clark County is a number of districts, each having one high school, two to three middle schools, seven to 10 elementary schools, and managed by a board of five people elected from the zoning area of the high school - with no superintendent," he said.

Beers said parents and teachers living in the neighborhood would be more accountable than highly paid administrators managing a huge school district.


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