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It's not taxpayers' job to pay for businesses

Here we go again. The mayor and supervisors have done it again. First it was the Mills Park fiasco in the mayor's first term, and now he wants eminent domain to stop a business from opening in Carson City, which also includes a supervisor who was the front person for selling the property. Also, the same supervisor wanted a special assessment district for adjoining property to the car lots.

Now they want to give Dick Campagni money so he will keep his business in Carson City. I guess his loyalty to Carson City is only what can go into his pocket from the taxpayers. With his threats of leaving, then I guess the taxpayers can just go to another dealer and buy an automobile. If the taxpayers still want to buy an automobile from him, it won't make any difference where his dealership resides. Then Carson City would save taxpayers' money.

I could name several businesses that could use money just to stay in town. This is not supposed to be a pick your favorite business or drinking buddy and give them money just to keep their business in town.

I wonder why everyone is not treated equally in having a business in Carson City? It is not the taxpayers' duty to pay for business to stay in town. If he cannot maintain his own business from the profits of high priced automobiles, then maybe he should just close. With his prices, housing costs skyrocketing and lost incomes, the city still wants to waste our money.


Carson City

Abortion has made us indifferent to killing

Regarding a letter of July 15 on legislating morality: This country was founded upon Christian principles and our laws are based on moral values; i.e., it is a crime to kill someone and, if you do, it can land you in the death chamber.

As I recall, the fifth of the Ten Commandments states: Thou shalt not kill.

Humanity's laws have evolved from moral values handed down from one generation to another and in the case of the United States, our laws are based on Christian principles noted from the Creator from whom we assumed our rights, which is why, among other things, a person testifying in court must first swear on a Bible to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Abortion stops the progression of the life force of a human being. Therefore, to abort an unborn baby constitutes murder according to this same Creator's Fifth Commandment. The fact that man does not always follow God's law does not alter the truth of the matter.

Her theory that abortion does not affect the social order defies logic.

There is a tangent consequence to any act whether it is committed by a single person or a people.

For example: If somebody kills someone, they are prosecuted and sent to jail, or perhaps, are themselves killed by the state. In the case of countries, the post-war Nuremberg Trials, for example, brought some involved in war crimes to justice.

In the abortion issue, America has turned away from the truth of abortion. As a direct result, our people have become indifferent to killing, therefore, so have our children and now we see kids killing kids.

Another result of killing millions of babies since Roe vs Wade is the decline of human beings in this country living long enough to go to work and to do so for the greater part of their expectant lengthy lives.

The result: Look at the status of our Social Security system! Had all those babies been allowed to live (like God intended) we would not have a Social Security problem.

And then, there's the gay marriage issue. One generation is supposed to learn from the mistakes of a prior generation. Has no one heard what God did to Sodom and Gomorrah, two towns which also were into homosexuality?

Now if one does not consider kids killing kids and the failure of our Social Security system and the gay marriage controversy to be affecting our social order, begs the question ... are we blind?

We want judges who recognize right from wrong, uphold our rights guaranteed by our Constitution and who do not usurp the duties of the Congressional branch, thereby, putting themselves above the Constitution.

These are the real problems in this country and we have only ourselves to blame. Recognize poetic justice! And nothing is going to change in America until we, the American people, change what we reap by changing what we sow!




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