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If you want to get a conversation going here in Carson City, all you have to do is talk about traffic.

The last post here attracted quite a number of comments, both online and in my email.

Carson has a traffic problem. And it has a serious effect on the quality of life most of us came here for.

My most recent complaint is the speed limit on Saliman. I live just off this street near Fremont School. Every day, I see people driving 40 mph or faster down this four-lane street, with its 25 mph limit. I myself rarely stick to that limit, nor do the cops I see driving down it.

Every once in a great while, usually on Sundays, the cops will set up camp on Saliman and write a whole bunch of tickets. If they did that every day, they could erase the city's money woes real quick. So far, they have missed me, but I don't drive it faster than 35 mph.

My complaint isn't the speeders so much as the selective enforcement. When you only enforce a law part fo the time, it makes it unfair. Either the city needs to change the speed limit, or the cops need to enforce the one that's in place now. When you put people doing different speeds on the same road, you create a dangerous situation. And let's remember there are three schools on this road.


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