One of us hits the California social scene

That Carolyn knows how to party ... first she goes to Los Angeles to see Kate Hutter's "The Reveal" ... six episodes of dance set to music that she describes as "fresh, energetic and intriguing" ... (and which may tour though this area at a later date) and stayed at the Hotel Marina del Rey right across from the marina ... such a tough life.

She was there with Norma Conway and Cecilia Selwood ... they met Collie Hutter and partied their way around town ... such a hard life. Then, upon arriving home, the "girls" went to Sharon Wilson and Lynn Boutilier's "margarita and tequila tasting" on Saturday afternoon and had a great time ... seemed to Maizie that by Sunday, they'd pooped out and the town was safe ... no doubt the sheriff and his deputies heaved a sigh of relief ...

Carolyn also hit Venice Beach, saw the roller bladers ... went to Muscle Beach and saw no muscles (or mussels) ... and ate at The Lobster on the Santa Monica Pier. A fun three days in the state next door ...

M. stayed home this week and was greeted by a stray giraffe ... later found it was left on her doorstop by the cute and charming Ed Cordisco ... "because you needed one." Thanks, Ed ...

n n n

ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" (granted, we had never heard of some of them before) took first in the Nielsen's last week, with some 22 million people tuning in ... now we see there is a "Dance with your Dog" competition in Portland, Ore. ... the people seemed very "into" it, but most of the dogs could care less. The lady who organized it wants to make it an "Olympic sport." Sorry, lady ... you ain't even close ... then, come to think of it ... we've danced with some dogs before ... tsk, tsk ...

n n n

Two notable celebrations this year ... Proscenium Players, Inc. will celebrate its 40th anniversary with the coming season in September, starting with Larry Shue's wonderfully funny, "The Foreigner," starring five of the original seven cast members when performed here 16 years ago.

The Nevada State Railroad Museum will celebrate 25 years of entertaining museum visitors with rides and special events all year long. Congratulations to both groups for serving Carson City and the surrounding area all these years ...

n n n

El sent us some great old vaudeville "one-liners" ...

"I've been in love with the same woman for 49 years ... if my wife finds out, she'll kill me."

"I just got back from a pleasure trip ... I took my mother-in-law to the airport."

"What are the three words a woman never wants to hear when she's making love? "Honey, I'm home."

And our favorite: "Someone stole all my credit cards, but I won't be reporting it. The thief spends less than my wife."

n n n

Don't hold your breath for "the rebate." The $300 million the governor is refunding through DMV will not get to us for a couple of months, and then only to people whose cars are registered. And many of those people will get less than $100.

Gee ... the building program that teaches convicts to get jobs in construction may go out of business for lack of funding (the recidivism rate was extremely low), the V&T could use a boost ... and no telling who else could have been helped ... it's our opinion that the "rebate" is a misguided boon ... too bad ...

n n n

The people of London saw both sides of the coin last week ... first they got the 2012 Olympics ... then the bombs went off ... let's hope the sickos are caught soon and fried.

Maizie's niece, Katie, was there at the time, although far from the center of town ... safe, but sorry for those affected. Will we ever get the idea that violence doesn't solve anything?

n n n

And speaking of danger ... have you used Lakeview Hill lately? The temporary lanes, even at 55 mph, are dangerous ... too bumpy and uneven ... to use the words of a song ... "When will it ever end? When will it ever end?" Aaaargh ...

Jeff Ackerman, former publisher of the Appeal, wrote in columns in 2000 of the problems that NDOT would face when building the freeway, especially when it dumps people off on Highway 50, half way to its conclusion in 20??. We wonder if he's still using his crystal ball ...

n n n

This is the time of year to remind everyone NEVER to leave a child or pet in your car, even for a few seconds ... the temperature rises at least a degree a minute, and within a few minutes your child or pet risks death.

Sen. Mark Amodei tells us Nevada passed a "kids in cars" bill this year, so be aware that "I didn't mean to" is no excuse ... your child's (or pet's) life depends on you.

n n n

Ann Price McCarthy tells us about travelers who were driving around the country, each from a different state.

As the trip started, the gal from Idaho began to throw potatoes out of a sack out the window.

"What are you doing?" the Californian asked.

"We have so many of these darned things in Idaho, I'm getting rid of them. I'm sick of looking at them."

A moment later, the girl from Nebraska started heaving ears of corn out the window, agreeing with the girl from Idaho ... "You're absolutely right, I'm sick of these, too."

Inspired ... the girl from Nevada opened the car door and pushed the Californian out.

n n n

We (C., M., Terry Ward and Cecilia) had a great brunch at the Franktown Grill at Thunder Canyon in Washoe Valley on Sunday ... cute busboys, Jonny and Hayes, and a nice waitress, Donna ... you can't miss with good food, good prices and a gorgeous view ... with Terry buying, it doesn't get any better than that ...

n n n

And Carolyn wishes the Maiz a happy birthday Saturday ... the Maiz wishes Carolyn would back up her wishes with big, gigantic, expensive presents.

Also happy birthdays to Andy Harvey, Rett Jesse, H Bentley Hawley, Gene Butler, Jody Crews, Jerry Nielsen, Carolyn Opitz and Roger Mallard (gad, we're getting old) ... and don't expect gifts ...


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