Grocery theif gets prison time

Bonanza News Service

A Sparks man with an extensive criminal record was sentenced Monday to four years in Nevada State Prison after he was tackled by two South Shore grocery store security guards for trying to walk out without paying for $246 in groceries.

Darry Estrada, 39, pleaded guilty to attempt to defraud an innkeeper. Originally, he pleaded not guilty to several felony charges in connection with the July 18 incident at the Safeway at Round Hill.

He was accused of threatening the 70-year-old and 22-year-old guards at the store as he attempted to leave without paying.

Estrada's lawyer, Terri Roeser, said her client had dropped the groceries and was just trying to leave after he was confronted by the guards. She said the guards violated store policy by confronting Estrada, chasing him and using force.

Roeser said the 22-year-old female guard jumped on Estrada's back and put him in a chokehold.

The 70-year-old guard reportedly suffered a broken knee in the scuffle.

When deputies arrived, Estrada fled into the woods where he was apprehended.

District Judge Michael Gibbons told Estrada he was fortunate the consequences weren't worse.

"You should understand better than anybody of the unintended consequences of your acts," he said. "Once it turned into a physical altercation, why didn't you stop? As bad as this was, it could have been worse."

Estrada was given credit for 154 days served in Douglas County Jail.

He must serve a minimum of a year in prison before he is eligible for parole.


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