Who deserves the second chance in stabbing?

The South Lake Tahoe man who allegedly attacked Susan Rizk with a 2-foot sword wants two chances before a jury decides if he's guilty of attempted murder and puts him in prison for life. He could get them.

The 32-year-old mother of Wasserman's child also will get a second chance at life - but only after five surgeries.

Rizk finally came home from the hospital Wednesday. She's been there since the Oct. 25 attack.

Steve Wasserman entered a dual plea of not guilty and not guilty by reason of insanity on Monday, which means if he is convicted, another trial would be held to determine whether he was insane at the time of the crime.

He shouldn't get two chances. If he's tough enough to attack a woman with a sword, then surely he is tough enough to accept responsibility for those acts.

Wasserman is charged with three felonies: attempted murder, aggravated mayhem and residential burglary. The attempted murder and residential burglary charges carry special allegations involving great bodily injury and the use of a dangerous weapon.

The mayhem charge also included the special allegation of use of a deadly weapon.

He's also charged with two misdemeanors of endangering a child and violating a restraining order. The maximum sentence for all of the felonies is life in prison. He allegedly did the slashing in front of the couple's 4-year-old daughter.

Only time will tell what sort of emotional damage he did to his daughter. But if we're to believe the charges - Wasserman ignored a restraining order from an earlier violent episode, found a sword, and went to Rizk's home in a rage.


What we do know is that Rizk is home from the hospital, days before Christmas. She will get her second chance to live, a second chance to protect her daughter, a chance to welcome in a new year - a chance, we hope, to see her attacker put behind bars for life.


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