Escapee sentenced to 8-20 more years

A Nevada prison inmate caught trying to escape the Tonopah Conservation Camp has been sentenced to at least eight more years in prison.

John Morrison and another inmate, Joseph Mizzoni, broke into a storage area last Christmas and stole a Nevada Department of Forestry vehicle. They wrecked it on the icy road before reaching the highway, then stole a car from a corrections officer who arrived at the scene.

A short time later, Nye County sheriff's deputies were called to an accident on State Route 376 near Tonopah. The two inmates had rolled the second vehicle as well.

According to deputies, the two had been drinking alcohol when they decided to try to escape.

Morrison agreed to plead guilty and was sentenced to a minimum of eight years and maximum 20 more years in prison. Mizzoni has also agreed to plead guilty to escape charges and will be sentenced in February.


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