City manager receives rave review from supervisors

Supervisor Robin Williamson on Thursday described city department directors' evaluations of Carson City Manager Linda Ritter as "glowing."

Ritter "plays and works well with others," Williamson said, half-jokingly, as supervisors reviewed the job performance of the city's top administrator.

Supervisor Shelly Aldean said she appreciates how Ritter doesn't "barricade us from the public."

And Pete Livermore cited Ritter's commitment to bolstering the tax base with the Dick Campagni auto deal, a $3.6 million incentive for him to buy six acres for a Toyota dealership on South Carson Street.

Ritter understands the concept of "no money, no mission," Livermore said. "Like the nuns said."

And Mayor Max Teixeira said to Ritter: "You are absolutely doing your job."

"I was thrilled with (their comments)," Ritter said afterward. "I really appreciated all of the kind words. They're a great group of people to work with."

In April, she received a higher salary than she requested - $120,000 compared with $115,000 - when supervisors extended her contract to April 2009.

Ritter has consistently earned raises and bonuses since she was hired in June 2003. She asked supervisors Thursday, however, that she receive no salary adjustment until her next review in December 2006.

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