Tax amendment needs a small repair

(Staff) - The Tax and Spending Control amendment proposed by Sen. Bob Beers, R-Las Vegas, hit a small snag this week when experts reviewing it found a problem with some of the language.

Beers said the problem is in how the proposed constitutional change deals with voter approved property tax increases earmarked for bond repayment by local governments. He said it was a technical error that can be fixed by adding a definition to the proposal.

"We're going to file a corrected one and gather signatures for it," said Beers.

The proposed amendment would limit the growth in government spending at every level from the state to the smallest municipality in Nevada to no more than population growth plus the growth of inflation.

To get on the ballot, the proposal needs 83,184 signatures of registered Nevada voters. Supporters plan to begin collecting signatures after the first of the year.

In order to become part of the Nevada Constitution, the proposal would have to win voter approval in two consecutive elections.


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