More houses, more growth for Lyon in 2006

If folks in Lyon County think 2005 was a year of tremendous growth, Planning Director Steve Hasson believes they haven't seen anything yet.

In 2005, Lyon County issued 2,258 building permits and county officials agreed the trend would continue.

But though growth will continue in 2006, Hasson said it may occur in different places. He said 95 percent of the growth in the past few years has been north of the Carson River. He expects growth will continue there, and that other areas of the county will see some growth spurts as well.

"There are some parallels between what you see this year and what will be going on next year," he said. "Two things will change. All of a sudden Silver Springs is leaping to life, where there wasn't as much activity in past years. The bar is really going to be raised for Silver Springs."

A 657-residence planned unit development, Villages of Silver Springs, is already in the works for that area.

The second area Hasson expects to be different from 2005 growth is the southern areas of the county.

"The other thing that is sneaking up quietly, but it is sneaking up, is south and east of Yerington," he said. "A lot of people have talked about development."

Hasson said that area could be a retirement community. "It's sort of self-enclosed," he said. "It has all you need, and we've had a 6 percent growth rate in Yerington. The numbers aren't big, but that's an impressive growth rate."

Hasson has said he expects growth in Lyon County to continue as long as water is available.

Citizens For Affordable Homes Inc. is doing its share to increase opportunities for people who otherwise might not be able to afford a home, said Ron Trunk, CAHI chief executive officer. The nonprofit development company moved 25 people into homes in Dayton in 2005 and expects more for 2006.

"We look to have upwards of 60 homes under construction in 2006 in Dayton," he said. "We also completed a new office facility at 100 Pinecone in Dayton."

Trunk said the group will build 16 homes in Pahrump in Nye County, six on tribal land in Yerington and will create the infrastructure for an 80-home development including 48 multi-family unites and 48 senior apartments in Hawthorne in Mineral County.

Bob Milz, chairman of the Lyon County Board of Commissioners, said he also expects more growth and added that the county will be able to handle it.

"We have hired professionals in the planning department and we're going to hire another professional to do the master plan," he said. "Our financial audit for last year was probably the best year we ever had."

Milz said he expects more growth in 2006, but how much will depend on the availability of water.

"We have built the infrastructure, water and sewer facilities to handle the houses that are being built now," he said. "Last year we had developers scampering around looking for water rights and many now have them. There are approved developments that can now move forward."

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