Mirror image of the backswing

A great reference point for the back swing is the three-quarter position. This position can be practiced easily with the use of a mirror.

Practicing like this at home using a mirror trains the golfer to make correct movements instinctively and naturally. While it is great practice to focus on positions in this manner you must not take these thoughts to the course, the worse thing we can do on the course is get too caught up with technique.

To practice this three-quarter position use a 7 or 8 iron and get in your start position. Swing the arms until the left arm is level with the ground. The shoulders and chest rotate around the spine with the height remaining constant. The shoulders should be nearing the full 90 degree rotation.

The wrists hinge allowing the club to form a right angle with the left arm. The hands are in line with the feet. The shaft should point towards the ball-target line. The hips, knees and feet have resisted and move little.

Practice this drill at home using a mirror, the repetition will train you to instinctively swing through technically sound positions resulting in more consistent golf.

Terry Gingell is a PGA professional. For information about adult and junior group lessons, call Terry, 690-7970.


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