Kiefer tows the line for Nevada

RENO - Adam Kiefer wants to make up for lost time.

Kiefer, Nevada's starting strong-side tackle, is entering his fifth year in the program. Yet, when he reflects on his Nevada career, he wishes he'd accomplished more.

"I feel like I should have played more." said Kiefer, who has made 18 career starts. "I should have pushed myself to play more. I got hurt my (redshirt) freshman year, and after that I just kind of accepted my role and tried to be a good backup."

Call it lack of confidence or complacency. Either way, Kiefer appeared to have turned a corner last year.

The 6-foot-4, 300-pounder started all 12 games at tackle last year, and has become the leader of the Wolf Pack's offensive line entering fall camp. He is the only starter up front that played in every game during last year's 5-7 season.

And, he played well enough to enable Jeff Rowe to pass for more than 2,600 yards last year, and in 2003, he helped Chance Kretschmer rush for more than 1,000 yards.

Chris Klenakis, the Pack's offensive line coach and offensive coordinator, is expecting bigger things from his fifth-year senior.

"The first half of the season, and that was his first as a starter, he was kind of feeling his way through things. He just didn't play confident, and that's why he was feeling his way through things.

"In the second half he was one of the most consistent linemen. He had a great off-season and a tremendous spring. He's got great, great feet. He's very quick and does a good job of finishing his blocks. I think he does both well ( run block and pass block). I'd like him to be great at both."

After a year of working with Klenakis, his is getting accustomed to Klenakis' perfectionist ways.

"He's tough," Kiefer said. "He knows what he wants and that's what you better give him. Before coach Klenakis came, a play might work even though you didn't block it the right way, and nobody said anything.

"Coach Klenakis wants it done the right way always. I think the better you practice, the better you are going to play. Ultimately, it's going to make you a better player."

And, Kiefer says he has made progress over the last year, and hopes to make more this season.

Despite the loss of starters Harvey Dahl, Chris Hines and John Tennert, Kiefer has high hopes for this year's offensive line, and the guys that have stepped into the starting positions.

"Tony (Moll) put on 55 pounds of good weight," Kiefer said. "Dominic Green traveled last year as a freshman and did a nice job in practice. He will do a good job for years to come.

"We lost some big names, but the bottom line is I think we might be better in the long run. I think this group will play well together; be more cohesive."

If you read between the lines, there were some attitude issues within the offensive line last year, and the lack of a running game leads one to believe that the line didn't play up to its capabilities, and that was a veteran line.

This group appears a lot less ego-driven, and appears to be more interested in getting the job done and winning games.

That's all you can ask.

The Kiefer File

Hometown: Danville, Ca.

High School: Monte Vista

Year in school: Senior

Position: Tackle

Height: 6-4

Weight: 300


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