Moving forward on the back swing

One of the movements in the golf swing that pros make and amateurs don't is starting the forward swing fractionally before the back swing is complete.

Top players tend to lead the forward swing with a small lateral and rotational movement of the hips. As this movement takes place the arms and club have continued going back a few more inches. (Now, as an aside, if you wish to ruin your playing partner's round presumably due to a small wager, just suggest he or she tries to start the downswing with the hips prior to completing the arm swing on the back swing).

This movement is not something you can simply make happen, you must train yourself with the use of a mirror. Many golfers try to make complicated parts of the swing happen on the course and due to being overly technical ruin any chance of rhythm and coordination. The drill I am about to describe is definitely not a golf course swing thought.

This drill requires some strength and flexibility, if it feels too strenuous do not try it.

Hold a club across the your shoulders.

Adopt start position as though standing to the ball.

Rotate the shoulders and chest 90 degrees.

Hips turn about half as much.

Both knees remain flexed.

Initiate the forward swing by turning the hips a little to the left and allow them to move laterally to the left just a few inches.

As the hips make this movement keep the shoulders in the fully turned position.

Hold for a second or two and then complete the forward swing to the finish with a synchronized rotation of the body to face the target.

This movement in the swing allows the hands to swing the club down on an inside path to the ball. Many golfers swing the club outside or over the top due to the shoulders racing ahead of the hips too early in the forward swing. Practice with the use of a mirror, on the course simply let it happen.

Terry Gingell is a PGA professional. For information regarding golf lessons, call Terry, 690-7970.


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