Regier logs 50th win, joins Silsby and Shaw's S&S Motorsports as SRL champions

Two weeks ago, Troy Regier knew his 50th supermodifed win would come at The Bullring at Las Vegas Speedway. He was right.

Regier, driver of the Carson City-based S&S Motorsports No. 98 supermodified racecar, broke his own track record at qualifying, won his heat race, and the 40-lap main event to pull a hat trick in the biggest way on Saturday.

Coupled with the announcement Friday that the Oct. 16 race at Altamont Raceway Park had been canceled, S&S Motorsports and Regier clinched the SRL points championships in Las Vegas. It is Silsby and Shaw's first-ever championship as car owners. They were denied a championship last season by one point after a controversial finish, when points were awarded to Ken Hamilton for a race he did not compete in.

Silsby and Shaw had an 11-point advantage over Hamilton in the second spot for ownerships points. By earning the same amount of points as Regier, S&S Motorsports had an eight-point advantage over Hamilton heading into the race at Las Vegas, giving them a well-deserved championship by as many points.

But, after pulling a 12-invert for Saturday's main event, Regier said his heart sank a little bit.

"I didn't think I'd ever do it," Regier said.

"I won my heat and set fast time. But when I drew a 12, my heart kind of sank. I knew it would be hard."

Regier, 38, of Dinuba, Calif., said many people have often suggested he "sandbag" - hold back on qualifying speed - to be in better position for the main event.

"I don't play that game," Regier said. "I want to race and I want to go fast. The faster the better for me."

Regier compliments car owners Steve Shaw and Tom Silsby, both of Carson City, for giving him a perfect race car. And he regards the Bullring in Las Vegas as the perfect track for him.

"I like Las Vegas. The track is wide and fast. This is one track you can't hold me back on. And, you can't block me in," he said.

Regier won his first supermodifed race in 1993 at Monroe, Wash., while driving for Rebel Jackson, Although most of his career wins came with Biswell Motorsports. He also drove for Larry Triguerio and he's been with S&S Motorsports the last year-and-a-half.

"I still remember my first win. And the 50th is as sweet as the first. Wow," he said.

Regier also raced Friday night at Orange Show Speedway in Bakersfield, Calif., where he qualified fast time again, finished fourth in his heat and fifth in the main event. He was the only car to pass others for position in the main event, having started eighth.

"Orange is real small like Carson City (Champion Speedway)," Regier said. "But it does not offer opportunity to pass. I was the only car to pass on the main.

"But I knew I'd do good in Las Vegas, new track record and all. It feels great to have the 50th win."

"Troy set a new track record at each track this weekend," Shaw said proudly. "We didn't do really well Friday at Orange, but Troy did an awesome job Saturday. The car was really fast. We're pretty happy right now."

Going into Saturday's race Regier held a 32-point advantage over Jim Birges in second place and A.J. Russell was in third with 454. By sweeping top points available in each category, Regier won his fifth championship by at least 32 points.

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