Carson's show of support reaches troops in Iraq

A "Pro Troops Rally" was held at the Legislative Building on Memorial Day, at which Carson City residents Patty Pruett, P.J. Degross and P.J. Dahling raised money to ship items to U.S. troops in Iraq.

They also had people sign and send messages to troops on two 3-by-15- foot "We Support our troops" banners.

The banners were displayed at the Carson Rendezvous in Mills Park then sent to Sgt. Chris Missick and the 319th Sig. Bn in Iraq.

Missick sent back a photo of the troops with the banner in the desert.

"This is one of two banners that were sent from P.J. and Patty, my friends in Carson City who have done so much to show immense support for the troops," Missick wrote. "Everyone was overwhelmed when we first opened these up to see just how many people had taken the time to show their support and sign a kind message.

"During the signings, a picture of the 319th Signal Battalion, Charlie Company, was present, making these banners and the signatures uniquely personal for our soldiers. The one in the picture will soon be hung in our chow hall, and the other one has been sent to Camp Virginia with one of my companies' other contingents.

"It will hang there with pride, and I'm sure every soldier coming through will take heart at the comfort their American people are providing."

Degross asked the Nevada Appeal to run the photo, writing "since so many people from Carson City, Gardnerville, Minden, Genoa and Reno participated in this venture, I think seeing the banner in the hands of the soldiers in Iraq would be an amazing story. It shows the results of taking the time to appreciate a soldier."


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